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crimson_revenge's Journal
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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
11:06 pm
Nicholas Jones ran through the alleyway behind his mentor, Docktor Victor Vaskonovitch. The good doctor coughed and weezed in front of Nicholas, showing his age. He had crazy white hair that stuck out the sides of his head, with the a nice large bald spot on the top. His glasses were slidding off his face from the sweat, but were in no danger of falling off due to the the strap he had around his head. Vaskonovich wore a brown trench coat, conceiling anything he was wearing underneath. He used to wear a fadora as well, but that had long since blow off his head, and he was much to in a hurry to retrive it.
The two of them rounded a corner. Nicholas, not being in top phyiscal condition (Or even average) was starting to get winded as well.
"Sir, how are we going to get out of this," Nicholas asked between breaths.
Dr. Vaskonovitch coughed and weezed out "There is no way out of this boy! You have go where ever this amulet takes you and keep it out of thier hands!"
"What amulet?"
Vaskonovitch stopped and turned around. He reached deep into one of his pockets and pulled out a small amulet. It looked like an oversized coin, with strange symbols carved on both sides of it. It was also attached to a rope so that it could be hung around ones neck. He thrust it into Nicholas' hands.
"Here, take this and run down the alley more! Then reciet the phrase 'Illic haud locus amo domus' while holding this amulet above your head! It'll do the rest!"
Nicholas gave Vaskonovitch a confounded look. He had little time to comtemplate it because he heard shouts coming from where they just ran.
Vaskonovich looked in that direction and started pushing Nicholas. "Run boy, the Wizard Society is after us and will stop at nothing to make sure that thing doesn't get used!"
"Wizard Society," Nicholas said puzzled as he sort of started to jog.
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
12:58 am
Ideas planned for Monster Dimension comic
Main Characters
Nicholas Jones

A human from the normal non-magical world. The pupil of Dr. Voskonovitch.


A zombie who lives at the bottom of Vampyre Tower, where several other zombies live. Is a powerful zombie with incredible fighting skills. He was "born" without skin around his mid-section, so that part of him is completly covered in bandages. Like all zombies he possess slow regenrative powers and can only be killed if his brain is destroyed.


A friend of Carrion and a Shadow Vampire, Zirr accels at speedy combat. His father is lord of the Vampyre Tower, which Virr is slated to take over were he to ever die. Virr has bitting sarcasm (No pun intended) and annoying wit. He has very fast regerative abilites, flight, can turn into whatever he drinks the blood of, but cannot go into water, and can be killed if his head is cut off and body is staked to his coffin.

Dr. Anzrius
A demon scientist in the magic reality who is bent on introducing technology into their world and one day phases magic out, just like in the normal world.

Dr. Anzrius' bumbling assitant.


Dark Side

Zombies - Surviving on magic they no longer crave flesh, seeing as they didn't need it to survive in the first place, and thier bodies don't rot from magical preserving... powers. Yeah. They tend to live in dark places, or are hired as protectors or defenders or building.

Vampires - Vampires still need blood to survive, but choose to have a bi-monthly blood drinking meeting, where they drink cloned blood through technology borrowed from the normal world. They normally live in high towers.

Werewolves - A very spiritual race of creatures. Never turn into humans due to an enternal full moon. Are often Shaman.

Tentical Beasts - A race of creatures that unfortantly gain intellegence from magic, these beasts are fed cloned Japanese school girls to sedate thier appitite for rape.

Maneaters - Monsturous plants that now prefer sunlight over blood.

Merfolk - Mainly live in Atlantis, which is underwater.

Mooninites - A race of rocks that live on the moon, the are abusive and immature. They think they are far more advance then... well... everything.

Wurms - Massive serpents who live underground. Feed on nutrients that drip off the roots of Maneaters.

Skeletons - Diffrent than Zombies, Skeletons are obbsessed with working out and staying fit! Also have a strangly French orientated culture.

Shadows - A mysterious race that watches over the dark side of Magic Earth.

Uniporn - A distant cousin of the Unicorn. Often have large brests or penii.

Bugbear -

Light Side

Unicorn - Magestic beasts that resemble horses with a single horn coming out of thier face.

Uniporn - A distant cousin of the Unicorn. Often have large brests or penii.

Griffin -

Phenoix - Lives in the sun.

Salamander -

Lava Golems -

Mermaids/Mermen -

Plot summaryCollapse )
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
3:54 am

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Massive
Ideal Classes: All
Main Stats: All

Robots begin in the factory of Corporate Corporations. Its a hub where they can buy parts and upgrades to thier bodies. Robots have the capacity to perform any task givin to them, but are usally built for a specific task. It is hardest to multiclass a robot. They receive a severe experince penalty for any class they try to gain levels in beyond the first. Eventually upgrades can be bought to overcome this flaw, giving them multitasking capabilities. Robots do not heal over time, they must repair themselves, but nanotechnology that can automatically repair them can be found.


Size: Small, but grows larger over time
Ideal Classes: N/A
Main Stats: N/A

The player starts with two kitties. As they gain levels thier kitties with procreate giving birth to more. As you play through the game you will gain a larger and larger horde of kitties. The only class kitties are not allowed to be are Kittenmancers, because they cannot harness the power of themselves. On the other hand, any Kitties who are grouped with Kittenmancers give each other passive bonus.


Size: Small to medium
Ideal Classes: Any Mage class
Main Stats: Intellegence

They come from space... to take over our minds! The Aliens originally came from Mars (Though they have being called Martians) to take over the planet. They have sent several scouts, but due to a beverage called "Beer" the Aliens have revealed their plans to all the other speices of the planet. The Aliens don't know that everyone else knows, and nobody plans on clueing them in. The often can be found wearing brightly coloured wigs and punk-ish clothing. The idea behind this is that when all the angry parents are blaming the rock music and teenagers for the downfall of thier cultures the Aliens will look and act like those rebellious teenagers and do exactly that. Irony?


Size: Miniscule, Small, Medium, Large, Massive, Gigantic
Ideal Classes: Depends on thier mutation
Main Stats: Also depends on thier mutation

The player is given a radomly created mutant and is allowed to modify thier looks from that mold. These aren't your superpowered mutants from the comic books... they're created through less fantastic ways, such as toxic waste, space radiation, and inbreeding.
3:48 am
This first post is mainly just a reminder.

Planned races:

Dark Elves
Stick People
Pig People

Planned classes:

l33t h@xx0r
Otaku Make
Otaku Fighter
Chaos Mage
The One
Hair Weilders
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